Course Outline

Course Outline

This easy to understand, no nonsense course is what you’ve been looking for!

Prosperity Trading offers the most complete, straight forward approach to learning how to trade like professional insiders. This content rich, 10 session course reveals how Wall Street professionals actually manipulate the market and how you can recognize the footprints they leave along the way. These footprints create patterns that will alert you to changes in price and volume that can signal oncoming rewards or impending loses.

Each training session includes a detailed video with instructions, insights and practical approaches to mastering Prosperity Trading’s strategy. The strategies revealed will enable you to:

  Build As You Go:

Each session serves as the foundation for the session that follows. As you move through the modules you’ll feel the momentum accelerate as you gain confidence. An environment for quick learning is established by the logical manner in which the content is delivered.

  Focus on Succeeding Long-Term:

While most programs pile on a bunch of information and leave you to put it all together for yourself, that isn’t how things are setup in the Best Trading Strategies Revealed training program. By giving you information in bite-sized portions over 10 modules (3 of which are broken into 2 parts) you’ll be able to quickly see lasting results.

  Make Real Progress:

After each module is completed, when you put these lessons into practice, you’ll be able to see your progress. You’ll be able to see things growing step-by-step because you’ll be following a systematic plan. When you need pertinent information you get it.


Session #1: What is the Stock Market?
Before you can learn to trade successfully you must understand what the market is and why it was established. This session reveals the forces behind today’s stock market: who controls it and why it performs the way it does. Until you realize how the process works you will be unable to trade the market like professionals do.

Session #2: Developing a Successful Trading Mindset
In order to develop the discipline necessary to trade consistently and successfully you must understand the psychology behind professional trading practices. You’ll discover what thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and habits you must have so that your mindset supports your trading strategies.

Session #3: Trading Concepts
These 19 principles are the foundation for building your trading success. Throughout the entire course these fundamentals will be discussed repeatedly as a way to instill the proper disciplines that allow for successful trading.

Session #4: The Secrets of Pattern Recognition
This session reveals Richard Ney’s fundamental aspects of how and why the professionals manipulate the market. Learning to recognize their footprints is the essence of successful pattern recognition trading.

Session #5: What to Trade
In this video various trading instruments will be explained along with the merits of
trading one over another.


Session #6: Stops, Order Flow Lines and Profit Targets
Discover the importance of capital preservation and how to implement it. You will be shown how to determine where professionals and amateurs exchange money along with how to use those price levels to enter a trade, limit losses or lock in profits as well as where to take profits.

Session #7: How to Read a Chart (2 parts)
Elements of a price and volume chart will be discussed enabling you to recognize professional behavior. You will be able to determine strength in a bull market and
weakness in a bear market.

Session #8: The Trading Process (2 parts)
This module gives you all the necessary elements to trade successfully. You will learn when to enter; when to exit and how to read the indexes that the professionals use to make real money.

Session #9: How to Trade Gold (2 parts)
Video 8 applied to gold with the added element of evaluating gold at two different times.

Session #10: The Miracle of Compound Interest
One of the most important principles for building wealth, compound interest is essential to reaching your financial goals in the least amount of time. Albert Einstein called it the most powerful force in the universe.


  Included with the course are 4 recorded live webinar sessions:
Best Trading Strategies Revealed is committed to your success and it doesn’t end with the 10 trading sessions. We have included 4 recorded live webinars for course members to ensure they rapidly implement this Proven System!

These recorded live webinars make this course even more successful for amateur traders wanting to perform like the pros. They will demonstrate how simple the Best Trading Strategies Revealed system is and how it puts you in a winning trading position.

You don’t need to continue looking for the Holy Grail. It’s right in front of you. Enroll in our time-tested program and discover how to trade successfully TODAY!

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