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The goal of Prosperity Trading is to provide everyone who wants to succeed at trading with the knowledge that professional traders use each day to transfer money from the many (amateurs) to themselves.

It’s just not right that the few make money so easily, ending up with far more than they can ever use, while the many work hard, follow the advice of the few and end up having taken away what they worked so hard and long for.

Our intent is to level the playing field by sharing our knowledge and proven trading system with you.

Because markets are merchandising mechanisms, professionals are able to manipulate them for the benefit of themselves. Every bubble in history has occurred to transfer money to these select few!

Our purpose is to enable you to take advantage of this manipulation.

During the 2008 market crash over 11 trillion dollars of amateurs’ money vanished. People had their life savings, college funds, retirement funds etc. literally taken away from them. History has shown us that bankers, brokers, and hedge funds will continue to take advantage of amateurs with their manipulative trading practices.

Not government, not the media nor anyone else is going to stop the few from taking advantage of the many. Every day, on charts, the market manipulation of the select few leaves footprints. The way to succeed in the market is to follow their footprints.

Our program will show you how to piggyback the 5% who consistently take money out of the market.

Because of our extensive market experience, Prosperity Trading knows how to help you. You no longer have to watch your hard earned dollars disappear. Your retirement no longer has to be at risk. We are committed to transforming your experience with the market.

About Joel Pozen

Joel Pozen learned to trade in the trenches
Over the last 22 years, Joel has invested over 10,000 hours studying charts in order to perfect the skill of pattern recognition. That experience has prepared him to help amateur traders level the trading playing field and achieve results like professionals.
After many years learning how the moneyed elite create wealth for themselves and over 1,000 private mentoring sessions teaching others to trade the way professional Wall Street traders do, he is now providing on a broad basis this same revealing approach to those who are serious about protecting and creating wealth for themselves.
Joel’s dedication to the principles of pattern recognition, as developed by best-selling author and investment advisor Richard Ney, has been the foundation for his ability to successfully read the market. His Best Trading Strategies Revealed teaches the tactics and strategies of market trading that professional traders use to take advantage of amateurs.
The extraordinary story of Joel Pozen:
Licensed to practice law in 1976, Joel began his education of how to put money to work and create wealth through retirement planning. Pension and profit-sharing taught him how successful business people could legally deduct money from their earnings and grow their money tax differed. As you will see in the video on Compound Interest, this dramatically increases the rate of return on money at work.
Working with life insurance companies he learned how the ‘moneyed elite’ enhanced their rate of return through the use of royalty trusts and master limited partnerships.
In 1984, two significant events positioned Joel to take advantage of new investment venues. First, having turned money over to an option broker he learned the power of leveraging money and witnessed first-hand how those who handled money dealt with an account (it is best to handle one’s own money). Second, Joel became aware of Richard Ney’s local television show and read his 1970 New York Times best seller, ‘The Wall Street Jungle’.
Along with business, estate and retirement planning throughout the 1980’s he continued his money education by involvement in buying and selling real estate. When the real estate market collapsed in 1989 he was in the position to put the ‘leverage’ knowledge he accumulated to work by trading airline call stock options. At the time airlines were Wall Street’s take-over targets.
Joel then subscribed to Investor’s Business Daily and its publication Daily Graphs where he learned how to read charts. He also signed up for Richard Ney’s newsletter and hotline while continuing to watch Mr. Ney’s bi-weekly TV program. By reading ‘Technical Analysis of the Futures Market’ by John Murphy he continued to expand his knowledge of investing the way market insiders do.
Then everything changed!
In 1990, when Joel took Mr. Ney’s course, he realized he could anticipate what insiders were doing with their money. With written trading rules taped to a TV table and a Qoutrex device to receive real time data, he began tracking the patterns of those who took the most money out of the markets. To determine market direction, the McClellan Oscillator/Summation Index was calculated each day by hand. To determine support and resistance, he calculated floor trader’s numbers for 3 indexes.
In 1995, after six years of reviewing thousands of Daily Graphs charts and applying Mr. Ney’s principles, his quest for knowledge paid off! By upgrading his system from rules taped to a TV table to a computer the orchestrated behavior of professional traders became far more transparent. As a result, his understanding of professional trading
practices greatly accelerated over the next several years.
Asked for personal instruction he started mentoring in 2000. For the next 8 years he worked with people individually and in groups. The vast majority of mentees over the years were by referral. For many years, on Wednesdays, he held 90 -120 minute free live demonstrations. He also participated in real time webinars lasting 1 to 2 hours with traders from around the world. These webinars were sponsored by trading execution and charting software companies along with trading forum sites. At all these live webinars and the free Wednesday demonstrations, he read the market in real time and answered questions. Today, after a year of putting together Best Trading Strategies Revealed, Joel is dedicated to helping others transform their experience with the market.

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